How to Make a Video Game:
Introduction: What’s this about?

So making games has been a big dream for you? I know it has been my big dream for as long as I can remember. But when I started doing this as a career, things didn’t go as I expected. I got bumped so frequently that at some point I started questioning myself: Am I capable of doing this?

That is one of the main reasons I started this blog. I have been bumped enough times to be able to tell you what not to do 😀

So this is going to be the first in a series of posts that revolves around what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to making your first game. And the amazing thing is we will be practicing this together in our first game on this blog. And if you follow along, by the end of this series you will have your own first game happily done 🙂


So what are the steps to make our game?

We need to ..

1. Come up with an idea

We will discuss how to come up with a good idea and most importantly a doable one. What are the pitfalls that almost everyone – me included – falls in and how to sidestep them. And finally what you need to do to make this idea see the light.

Idea Image

2. Make/find - 2D/3D - art

Here we will talk about our options when it comes to choosing the art of the game. Is it going to be 2D or 3D? Do I need absolutely all these game objects or can I let go of some of them? Can I find the art I need somewhere? Can I make it myself if I have to? (No artistic talent is required. I promise 😀 )

Art Image

3. Make/find music and sound effects

Here we will talk about our options as well but it will be a bit easier because in this area I lean toward ready made stuff for different reasons. Anyway we will discuss where to find music resources and what are the things to look for in your game music.

Music Image

4. Write code

Here comes the most fun part 😀 Making everything comes to life. The way we will go about this is step by step so that it’s more interesting along the way and it doesn’t get too intense at any point or too boring. So for example we will first prepare our art and then insert it into unity (the game engine we will use). Then we will do some coding and after that we will prepare the music and sound effects and then more coding and so on.

Code Image

5. Publish your game. Yay!

Finally! After we finish our beloved game, it’s time to finally show it off. We will be publishing it to the web and to windows and sharing it with everyone 🙂

Publish Image

These steps doesn’t look daunting, does it ? Well, don’t worry because we will do this together every step of the way and I promise you, not only will you learn a ton of stuff but also you will have a blast making this game.

Lastly, this guide is not for a specific level of experience although a basic knowledge of using unity and a little c# would help a lot. Still, I believe anyone can dive along and if at any point you find yourself stuck, comment here or in the respective post and I will reply to you as soon as possible. You can also email me at

Have fun!

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Introduction: What’s this about?

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